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AFI KLM E&M American Subsidiary, Barfield, signs agreement with CTRL Systems to act as the global distributor of its CTRL’s UL101 Aviation troubleshooter.

AFI KLM E&M American Subsidiary, Barfield, signs agreement with CTRL Systems to act as the global distributor of its CTRL’s UL101 Aviation troubleshooter.

Paris, Amstelveen, Miami FL, Westminster MD, April 9, 2024

Barfield Inc., a subsidiary of Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) in the Americas, has signed an agreement with CTRL Systems to distribute its UL101 Aviation Troubleshooter. Barfield will act as CTRL Systems’ primary distributor to the commercial and business aviation markets, encompassing airline operators, aircraft and component OEMs, and MROs around the world.

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The UL101 Aviation Troubleshooter is an acoustic ultrasonic test set designed for aircraft maintenance and troubleshooting.

“We are excited about our partnership with CTRL Systems. The UL101 Aviation Troubleshooter couldn’t enter the aviation maintenance market at a better moment while reducing aircraft downtime and maintenance costs are our customers priority. It will complement our line of distributed Ground Support Test Equipment. CTRL Systems’ trust in Barfield to help bring solutions to customers is a testament to the quality of work our talented team puts in daily to ensure aircraft take advantage of this technology.”

Gilles Mercier

Chief Executive Officer

“Barfield's commitment to providing the best services to their customers aligns strategically with our mission to help aircraft operators, MROs, and OEMs to understand, integrate, and rely upon acoustic technology.”

Robert Roche

President and CEO of CTRL Systems.

“The Barfield name is synonymous with aviation history and innovation. Our company is honored to partner with such a storied brand. I look forward to working together with Barfield’s world-class GSTE division to help their customers effectively integrate CTRL ultrasound technology as an essential component throughout all levels of their maintenance operations.”

Jeremy Watts

CTRL’s Director of Business Development for Aerospace and Aviation

The UL101 Aviation Troubleshooter, manufactured in the United States by CTRL Systems, gives aircraft maintenance technicians greater insight into the operating conditions of the aircraft systems under test. The UL101 Aviation Troubleshooter has been used by operators around the world to successfully accelerate the AOG troubleshooting process, minimizing both aircraft downtime and the cost of replacement parts. The UL101 Aviation Troubleshooter (p/n B00033) is referenced in the Boeing AMM for all commercial jet aircraft under the tool tag SPL-1473. CTRL’s ultrasonic listening devices – including the UL101 Aviation Troubleshooter – detect acoustic ultrasound at 40kHz and convert the signal into the audible range, outputting it to an included head set or available software. In the aircraft maintenance field, this technology is used to pinpoint leaks in a variety of aircraft systems, including cabin pressurization, O2 systems, pitot/static systems, bleed/engine air systems, and A/C packs. It is also used to detect electrical faults and intermittent wiring issues, to troubleshoot failing mechanical components, to detect internal fluid leaks, and to quickly perform valve inspections.