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The MRO Lab

Adaptive Innovations

The unique innovations program

"The MRO Lab" is a program where all the innovations developed by AFI KLM E&M and its network of affiliates converge. Specially tailored to the challenges of aircraft maintenance, the innovations are the fruit of continuous development aimed at satisfying the requirements of airline operating performance. It generates scale effects, optimizes fleet performance and improves airworthiness. All our innovative solutions are tested and trialed in-house to ensure our customers get the BEST4YOU.

Employee driven innovation

Employee Driven Innovation is part of our DNA. It’s encouraged by continuous improvement programs in which any staff member can submit and implement innovative ideas at all times. To do this, staff are supported by the network, by innovation officers, and by dedicated teams from lean management techniques to optimize process costs and ergonomics. Some 100,000 suggestions have been submitted over the past 20 years.


Adapting the best ideas going to aircraft maintenance regardless of activity sector is also a key component of our approach to innovation. Each year the group signs partnerships to achieve all those goals with startups, universities and manufacturers. The key idea is start operating a full-blown ecosystem 100% focused on delivering high value added solutions. As the outcome of this diversity, innovations are emerging from the MRO Lab and are currently helping us to offer competitive solutions designed for optimum performance.

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