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Working at Barfield


We are personally accountable for the highest standards of ethical behavior


We are committed to a teamwork environment


In an ever-changing world, we are adaptable to the required challenges

Customer Focus

We strive to provide the best services to our customers

At Barfield, we don't merely offer employment opportunities; we provide a platform for your professional evolution. Join us, and let's build a future of mutual success. Explore our career opportunities, where your potential meets purpose.

Regardless of your job description or location, a successful integration is built upon four foundational pillars:


Understanding of AFI KLM E&M Group's Strategy

Attain a profound comprehension of our organization's overarching strategy, enabling you to align your efforts with collective goals and make meaningful contributions to our shared success.


Transversal Mastery

Explore the distinctive features of your product line with a transversal perspective. Delve into the specifics that render your contribution vital to the broader success of the organization.


Comprehensive Proficiency

Familiarize yourself with every facet of your profession. Our commitment to your growth extends beyond your immediate role, encouraging a holistic understanding of your field and preparing you for diverse challenges.


Ownership of Assignments

Develop a deep understanding and ownership of your responsibilities. We believe in empowering our team members not only to fulfill their tasks but also to take pride in their contributions, fostering a sense of accountability and dedication.

Fostering a Collaborative Culture:

At Barfield, our commitment to your professional journey goes beyond a structured integration plan. We cultivate a collaborative and inclusive culture, emphasizing open communication, mutual respect, and a shared commitment to excellence. Recognizing the strength in our team's diverse skills and perspectives, joining Barfield means becoming part of a dynamic family where your ideas are valued. As we collectively grow, so do our team members.

Training, a Core Pillar at Barfield

Investment in Training

  • Empowering our workforce to advance their skills in sync with technological progress is pivotal in the aeronautical maintenance sector. Barfield is unwavering in this commitment, investing significantly in our internal training initiative—Barfield Training—alongside a network of dedicated trainers.
  • This team not only imparts knowledge to our colleagues within the group but also plays a critical role in assisting them in achieving aircraft qualifications, including those for industry leaders such as Boeing and Airbus.

Globally Recognized Training

  • Globally recognized in the industry, our entities conduct comprehensive training programs for technicians worldwide, showcasing our commitment to excellence. Growing with Barfield extends beyond skill development; it offers opportunities to cultivate expertise in international project management.
  • Annually, numerous colleagues are appointed to manage projects abroad, engaging directly with our customers or contributing within maintenance centers.

Internal Promotion and Talent Development

  • Identifying and nurturing talent is not just fundamental for the company but is also pivotal for the future success of the entire group. Barfield places a strong emphasis on internal promotion as a core value.
  • This policy not only enhances our proficiency across various domains but also aims to identify and cultivate managerial talents within the organization.
  • Each year, Barfield extends opportunities for many talented staff members to take on new responsibilities, fostering a culture of continuous growth and advancement.

We have an Internship Program for those of you who are pursuing a college degree in the following fields: Sales & Marketing, IT, Engineering, Finance, Purchasing and Human Resources. The Internship Program is based on a "needs assessment". If you are interested please fill out the appropriate form.