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Innovation is part of CRMA DNA. In that spirit, and in order to internalize many projects leading to the 4.0 industry, we have dedicated an area of our industrial surface to a MRO lab . That area allows each employee to be involved in innovation, and run projects focused on performances : TAT and cost reduction, quality and health and safety improvement, and environmental footprint decrease. Opened for more than 3 years, our MRO Lab is provided by new generation digital manufacturing equipments like 3D printer, laser cutting machine, and 4-axis CNC milling center. The aim of this place is to drastically reduce the time between the idea and its prototype, and regarding the numerous projects based on Robotics, Automation, Electronics, Digital,… already delivered, the MRO Lab has successfully proven its efficiency !

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Multihole Combustor Automatic Inspection

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Erwan Guerin

Innovation & CreativeLab Manager at CRMA Aero repair

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