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Parts repair

Center of Excellence

We provide our customers with repair and overhaul services for a comprehensive range of engine parts products. As a“Center of Excellence” within AFI KLM E&M networks, we are continually upgrading our capabilities and technologies to meet market requirements. Today our key positions in such a market make the enjoyment of our worlwide and various customer (i.e OEM, part traders, airlines & affiliates, independant MRO) .

CFM56 series

GE90 series



Trent XWB & 1000

Capability list

  • Parts repair: for Mature and Newgen Engines + aircraft equipment : considerable experience in MRO challenges acquired thanks to the variety of profiles of our customers
  • Standard Exchange
  • Transportation: i.e Freight & Customs Services (door to door)
  • Consulting: advice on the best repair solutions depending on the condition of your parts
  • Repair Design (ONLY OEM Repair)

Cost reducing: In order to reduce the total cost of ownership on the maintenance of the engine, CRMA commits to improve the repair rate for its customers



CFM56-5B / CFM56-5C / CFM56-7B / GE90 series

  • For the GE90-94 HPC Forward Case, CRMA is one of the few engine shops in the world to have successfully developed Repair 1: Groove repair by tig welding.
  • Apart from the manufacturer itself, CRMA is the only engine shop able to apply SB 72-0986.

Combustion chamber

CFM56-5 series/ CFM56-7B/ GE90series/ GP7200/ GEnx


CRMA is GE-approved for the repair of GE90 low-thrust combustion chambers and for the refurbishment of Multi-holes liners. In the CFM56 segment, CRMA is one of the few engine shops approved by GE for:

Regarding the GEnx, CRMA is qualified by GE for the assembly/disassembly of the module.

  • Changing the New Aft Flange on the Inner Liner in compliance with Service Bulletins 72-0782 (5A engine), 72-0692 (5B engine), 72-0649 (5C engine), and 72-0694 (7B engine),
  • The dome for Repair 14 (Thick Bellmouth SPD Replacement Repair).
  • CRMA is also the first non-oem shop in the world to perform the multihole repair on combustors (since 2011).



  • CRMA has been successfully repairing GP7200 TCFs since 2010.
  • It was also appointed by Engine Alliance as Primary Source for repair work and development.

Honeycomb seals

CFM56-5B / CFM56-5C / CFM56-7B / GE90 series

  • Over the past five years, large-scale investment has made CRMA a benchmark market player.
  • The creation of a dedicated Honeycomb Seal product line, together with the purchase of a latest-generation brazing machine has consolidated CRMA’s repair service objectives for these parts.

Rotary seal and LLP (Life Limited Parts)

CFM56-5B-5C/ CFM56-7B / GE90 series

  • Rotary seals: as for example, we are market leader for the lisenced Repair 4 of the Low Pressure Rotating Air Seal (recondition seal teeth by weld build up).
  • LLP’s : Spool 1-2, Spool 4-9, Front Shaft and more (refer to our capability list)

Bare and QEC Harnesses

CFM56-5A / CFM56-5B / CFM56-5C / CFM56-7B / GE90 series

  • We have full capabality on GE90 & CFM56 series. We offer one of the best TAT of the market. Indeed thanks to our stock management on specific materials (like connectors) we are not facing problems of stock shortage and thus guarantee our customers deliveries on time.

LPC Booster

CFM56-series / GE90

  • On CFM56 we are FULL CAPA (98%) In addition we are one of the rare MRO shops to perform REPAIR 39D- outer Shroud replacement (Applicable to CFM56-5B
  • On GE90 Engine, we are 100% full capa on repairs (e.g cold process…)


We are repairing a wide range of Brakes Assy

  • Collins version on Boeing 777-200 & Boeing 300-ER Aircraft
  • Safran version on Airbus A320- A321- A330/A340 Aircraft

The lastest reference we have added to our repair capability is the Brakes Assy from the lastest generation aircraft A350-900 in Collins and Safran both version.

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