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Cabin Check 2.0

Want to optimize cabin maintenance? There's an app for that!

At AFI KLM E&M, digitalization doesn’t just mean doing the same job with a tablet instead of a checkboard - it’s about using digital tools to open up new ways of working that are faster, smarter and more efficient. And for particularly cumbersome and time-consuming processes like cabin maintenance inspection, digitalization can streamline the workflow to cut inspection times in half!

Marketed through the MRO Lab’s continuous innovation program, a new app named Airin’t is making life much easier for our cabin inspection mechanics: rather than having to leave the aircraft to look up technical documentation on a separate computer, everything they need is now at their fingertips via a hand-held tablet, which also displays a 3D plan of the cabin so they can precisely indicate any areas requiring attention.

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Cabin Check 2.0

In addition to slashing inspection times, this solution also reduces the risk of data input errors, and creates a traceable data stream that will significantly improve cabin maintenance – and therefore customer satisfaction – in the long term.

  • Significant reduction in TATs
  • Reduces human error and improves oversight
  • Generates cost savings
  • Creates a precise, traceable data trail

“Taking a 777 Eco Cabin as our example, before Cabin App came out, a cabin inspection used to require two mechanics for an entire shift. With Cabin App, that task now takes just two hours, and possible P/N errors at ordering level have been drastically reduced, if not abolished altogether.”

Louis Petit-Faisandier

Air'Int project manager