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Tablet Relay for GSTE

Driving line testing with an ordinary tablet

An innovation signed BARFIELD

Barfield Inc., a subsidiary of AFI KLM E&M, has launched a groundbreaking digital interface to streamline the use of the DPS 1000 - the Ground Support Test Equipment (GSTE) for testing aircraft Pilot-Static/Air Data systems.

Until recently, these testing processes often required the presence of two operators, communicating with each other by radio: one in the cockpit to observe the responses to the tests carried out from the equipment placed beneath the aircraft, operated by a second mechanic.

The genius of Barfield’s software is that it turns any tablet device into a remote control, enabling the DPS 1000 system to be controlled by a single operator. This not only streamlines the process to speed up TATs, it also frees up skilled technicians to avoid manpower delays in other operations.

In Motion

GSTE DPS1000 - Digital Pitot Static Test Set

Universal Application

Unlike some handheld devices produced by OEMs, which are costly and rely on proprietary software, Barfield is the first outfit to produce an on-board testing system that can be applied to “universal” operating systems (initially Android, and then iOS). What’s more, the app can be progressively mainstreamed to all test equipment for all types of aircraft.

  • Streamlines essential testing process
  • Simplifies technical tasks
  • Universal application; no physical infrastructure required
  • A flexible and agile software solution

“Our market extends to everything flying today, all over the world. With this innovation, we can fully assume our pioneering and leadership mantle: we are helping our entire market and the industry as a whole to take a giant step forward!”

Lew Wingate

VP GSTE at Barfield Inc - an AFI KLM E&M company


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