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Augmented reality for technical training

Futuristic digital solutions give our technicians the edge!

An MRO is only as efficient as its technicians, and that’s why effective staff training is so important for us. When digitalization can help make our training more efficient, it’s a win-win for our technicians and the customers they serve!

Virtual and augmented reality is making waves in a number of industries, but for us one of its most beneficial uses is in the classroom: through a collaboration with Dutch aerospace research center NLR (and using Microsoft's mixed reality HoloLens headsets), we can now generate a virtual model of an aircraft, allowing trainees to move around and interact with its systems and their trainer!

Research has found that this futuristic solution gives better results than traditional pen-and-paper methods, or even computer-aided learning – all of which means our customer base can rest assured that their technicians have received the most cutting-edge training available.

  • Creates a more interactive training environment
  • Makes trainers less reliant on the availability of physical parts
  • Greater knowledge transfer
  • Can be upgraded to reflect new technical developments

“This solution offers the benefit of freeing us up from limitations in connection with the availability of aircraft and parts. By bringing the aircraft into the classroom, we save time and can align the theory and practice components of the training module.”

Wanda Manoth-Niemoller

Program Lead Innovation & Sustainability


Trainees around VR aircraft

Wanda Manoth-Niemoller

Program Lead Innovation & Sustainability

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Wanda Manoth-Niemoller