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We provide maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services for airlines and lessors around the world. We specialize in APUs and a variety of pneumatic components. EPCOR is a fully-owned subsidiary of Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M), part of the AIR FRANCE KLM Group. Because of that, we know the airline industry. No independent MRO will know what it costs when you have an aircraft on ground. All our EPCORians contribute daily to keep your operation as smooth as possible. We do so by fulfilling our promises, delivering the best repairs while offering the highest service. Flexibility is what drives us - it’s in our DNA.


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EPCOR is not just another maintenance provider for aircraft components. We are a global leader in data-driven maintenance systems that ensure sustainable and cost-effective use of components. We are enterprising, flexible and we challenge our people to develop themselves. Our people create new solutions and have the latest tools and systems at their disposal to do their jobs effectively. We challenge them every day to continuously self-improve and thereby proudly contribute to the achievement of our goals. Committed EPCORians create value through partnerships, continuous improvements, and the best customer experience.

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Safety & Quality

The quality of our services is of prime concern for EPCOR to guarantee the highest levels of performance and flight safety. EPCOR is constantly improving the quality of its systems, products, services, and processes. Of course, we are always watching over the safety of the EPCORians! How? EPCOR operates an integrated Safety & Quality system that provides a platform for product and services delivery. A dedicated team is committed to improving this continuously. The continuous improvement policy guarantees: The organization and services place flight safety, before business or commercial imperatives Audits, inspections, and strict oversight of the quality system with the wholehearted involvement of everyone at EPCOR The relentless pursuit of imaginative ways to provide efficient services keeps our employees and customers safe.

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