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Innovations that keep your operation running

A team of skilled and certified repair development engineers develops and produces new repairs using the latest tooling and equipment. A steady flow of new repairs is continuously developed to realize cost savings for our customers. The future is here at EPCOR, a digital twin of your parts is already possible. For instance, we are able to track the condition of an impeller or turbine blade over time and predict its remaining lifespan and performance.

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Virtual Table Inspection

Good communication is an important part of all relationships and is an essential part of any healthy partnership. You may not always have the opportunity to travel to Amsterdam to inspect parts or to check on your engine. At EPCOR we offer our customers a Virtual Table Inspection (VTI). take control and drive around in our shop as if you were physically there. The 4K camera enables you to check your parts in high detail. The VTI robot facilitates an online meeting with you and our engineering team. Wherever you are.

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Prognos for APU®

EPCOR offers PROGNOS for APU®, part of AFI KLM E&M's Prognos® array of predictive maintenance solutions aimed at early detection of potential failures in critical systems. This predictive maintenance system is based on Big Data technology combined with EPCOR's APU engineering expertise and operator experience. Prognos for APU is part of the MRO Lab and is continuously improved and developed by our own digital engineering specialist.

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Data-driven maintenance that helps you to remove before failure

Prognos for APU® works with data that is routinely electronically collected from the aircraft. The data is stored in the Aircraft Communication and Addressing Reporting System (ACARS) and sent in an automated e-mail format directly from the aircraft to EPCOR’s predictive maintenance server within agreed intervals (for example each time the aircraft lands at its designated home base). The received data is automatically converted into monitoring and evaluation parameters and trend-monitoring graphs (see example) that can be accessed 24/7 by our customers on EPCOR’s secure online portal. Prognos for APU® can be programmed to issue automated warnings whenever defined pre-set limits are exceeded. A joint analysis of data by our customers and EPCOR’s engineering departments will support the decision to schedule an APU on-wing maintenance operation, to plan an APU removal at the most convenient time based on the availability of aircraft maintenance slots, or to keep the APU under monitoring without further action.


Prognos for APU® provides the operator with:

  • Detailed information on real time APU operational performance
  • Turbine Efficiency
  • APU fault codes
  • LLP monitor
  • LRU fault messages
  • EGT Margin
  • APUs on watch
  • Due date prediction per APU