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Adaptive Defense Solutions

Serving the needs of Defense

A service offer tailored to your operational requirements

We have developed an approach resolutely focused on satisfying the specific expectations of air forces through over 30 years of close cooperation with an array of military organizations, on various aircraft platforms, including Boeing KC135 tankers, E-3F AWACS, and (K)DC-10 tankers. Our production capabilities are being continually enriched and supported by the expertise of our engineering units, and we also regularly invest in our resources, systems and infrastructure to deliver optimum service levels for our clients. Our dedicated military operations activity recently moved into a completely reorganized facility at Roissy-CDG, equipped with the latest maintenance and overhaul technology. This facility is already used to upgrade and support the French Air Force’s AWACS fleet.


Kevin, AWACS technician

Acknowledged military product know-how

We have been approved as 2013 Best Source Of Repair by NSPA, the Nato Support Agency and by IAMCO, the International Aerospace Management Company, the organization responsible for maintaining NATO’s E3A AWACS fleet. Awarded annually to the best supplier of component support services on the basis of punctuality, quality and contract management criteria, the award highlights our ability to design and implement reliable, high-level military support services.

All-round operational support

The operational support we offer to satisfy your requirements is available round-the-clock. This support is backed up by a robust organization dedicated to dealing with your Aircraft On Ground (AOG) situations, via an international network-based, in particular, on the lift capacity of Air France-KLM Cargo and our logistics centers in ideal locations around the world, plus our reliable, secure information systems. From the most straightforward maintenance solutions to full technical and logistics support, we design and deliver tailored solutions with the sole aim of achieving improved availability of your assets at the most competitive cost. Security and safety are foremost among our priorities. We are able to protect all our facilities in compliance with your requirements, right up to French Secret Defense and NATO Secret security classifications.


Hervé Lardy

Military sales director

Hervé Lardy