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Press release

Norse Atlantic Airways continues to soar with Prognos® for Aircraft

Paris, Amstelveen, 26 October 2023

Providing greater efficiency, reliability and availability in component maintenance.

AFI KLM E&M will deploy its Prognos® for Aircraft predictive maintenance solutions to the Boeing 787 fleet operated by Norse Atlantic Airways. Following on from the Component/pooling contract signed between the two groups in 2022, the implementation of Prognos® aims to maximize the value and impact of maintenance programs designed by AFI KLM E&M for the Norwegian airline’s aviation operations.

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A maintenance strategy built on forward planning

As a reminder, Prognos® for Aircraft is the predictive maintenance suite offered by AFI KLM E&M, combining Big Data and AI in order to optimize the scheduling of component and equipment maintenance operations. In particular, it enables users to anticipate future component breakdowns and to organize shop visits for inspection, testing and repairs, thereby avoiding AOG situations and their negative impact on operations. For airlines that enjoy access to the tool, such as Norse Atlantic Airways, Prognos® for Aircraft is therefore a major lever in terms of reducing the risk of operational shutdowns, and improving the efficiency of maintenance operations.

“Norse Atlantic Airways’ decision to enlist AFI KLM E&M’s predictive maintenance solutions follows on from the Component Support agreement signed in 2022. Availability was also a key component of that agreement, which provided access to a parts pool and MBK, and the Prognos® application adds a further level of security, control and optimization to our customer’s operations.”

Derk Nieuwenhuijze

VP Digital, Marketing & Communication at AFI KLM E&M

“For an airline, keeping aircraft in the sky for longer is of course one of our most important objectives. The foresight provided by predictive maintenance, which aims to anticipate problems rather than dealing with them as they arise, is therefore extremely advantageous, and AFI KLM E&M’s Prognos® suite enables us to lean in to this approach. For us, this will be a vector for progress in the management and organization of maintenance operations, and by extension a beneficial means of reducing costs in this area.”

Thom-Arne Norheim

COO of Norse Atlantic Airways

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