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Drone inspections

Flying high to slash aircraft inspection times!

If you’re an operator, you already know the drill – your aircraft fuselage needs to be inspected to check the damage after a lightning strike, or maybe the regulatory stickers. That means it’s going to spend a day in the hangar as your MRO sets up gangways and cherry-pickers so the inspectors can get a look at it. Right?

Wrong! By using a drone to fly around the fuselage and inspect the aircraft, inspection times can be slashed to just 20 minutes!*

*Test results achieved for sticker inspection on an A320 aircraft

Currently in its second trial phase, AFI KLM E&M’s drone inspection program uses laser technology to navigate autonomously, while a high-resolution camera takes pictures of the fuselage to compare with its database images. An inspection report is automatically generated, providing reliable and fully traceable data to improve efficiency across the board.

  • Vastly reduced inspection times
  • Cost savings can be passed on to you
  • More efficient work scopes for technicians
  • Inspections can be performed outside, eliminating the need to tow aircraft to the hangar

In Motion

AWACS: Drone Inspection

“The system has significant potential in terms of effectiveness, cost reduction, and traceability…it means a 20-minute inspection phase compared with the current five hours. The data is traceable, because all data harvested by the drone is stored in a secure Cloud environment that is accessible at all times.”

Ahmoss Messayeh

Innovation Director

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