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PROGNOS® for Aircraft

It is now possible to predict a future breakdown or to schedule a maintenance operation beforehand thanks to the PROGNOS® solution. Tested and approved on our own fleets, the know-how gained is now being offered and easily implemented to our customers.

Thanks to Big Data technology

The PROGNOS® for Aircraft operational solution is based on the collection and analysis of technical data generated by the thousands of sensors installed on the aircraft's systems. This continuous stream of flight data is extracted and analyzed by the application and transmitted to our maintenance control centers, where our specialists regularly receive alerts about defective components. This exercise is made possible by the very great amount of data – up to Gb – supplied by new-generation aircraft and our extensive engineering knowledge.


New-Generation aircraft




Legacy fleets

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AirAsia: The MRO Lab On Your Doorstep

Nadzri Hashim

Head of Engineering, AirAsia group

No NFF in hundreds part removals

Using our in-depth engineering knowledge and Big Data from the aircraft, algorithms are developed that have a very high accuracy. All the replacements initiated by the Prognos solutions were confirmed faulty by the repair shop. The algorithms are continuously improved based on the data provided by the aircraft (such as electrical power, speed, angle of attack, or temperature) but also on the shop feedback, which allows continuous improvement based on new failure cases.

“We have set our algorithms to target alerts in an average of 30-50 flights before a fault becomes effective. That forecast has proved correct since out of hundreds predictive part removals, there were no NFFs, or No Fault Found, and hence bad reports. Another cause of satisfaction has been the 50% decrease in items in the MEL (Minimum Equipment List) and pilot reports on systems monitored by PROGNOS®”

Rik van Lieshout

Digital Product and Services Manager

Key benefits:

  • Reduced flight delays and cancellations
  • 30 to 50 flights in advance alert
  • Flight Safety and Operational Reliability
  • No unscheduled shop visits or removals through event prediction
  • Costs & time savings

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Rik van Lieshout

Digital Products & Services Manager

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands