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The MRO lab - Adaptive Innovations

Cutting-edge automation built on human expertise

These days, industrial robotics is about much more than carrying out repetitive tasks on an assembly line: modern robots are smart, interactive and – above all – adaptive. Whether they’re working in difficult-to-reach places (like drones), assisting the technicians (like the Cobot) or producing quality parts for a fraction of the cost (like 3D printing), new-age robotics are driving an array of exciting developments in the MRO world – all of which can save you time and money by reducing TATs.

“At AFI KLM E&M, applying robotics to MRO isn’t about automation for the sake of automation: it’s about enhancing our human expertise, improving working conditions, and reducing quality escapes.”

Ahmoss Messayeh

Head of Innovations

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Ahmoss Messayeh

Innovation director AFI KLM E&M

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Ahmoss Messayeh