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AMES: your Aerostructures MRO partner for the recovery, at your doorstep.


Your Aerostructures MRO partner for the recovery, at your doorstep

In Dubai, where the sector's recovery is in full swing, the joint venture between Safran Nacelles and AFI KLM E&M keeps expanding its capabilities and diversifying its product range.

Now, with most regional fleets back to intensive operations, Aerostructures maintenance activity is booming, and MRO performance is, more than ever, a key success factor to airlines operations. AMES ended 2022 with a 30% growth of activity compared to 2021, inducting even more components for repair than in 2019. Across the market as a whole, this dynamic recovery does not come without certain challenges: global MRO capacity has become more scarce on the market and the worldwide supply chain is under stress in terms of both manufacturing and transport, while airlines need their parts back faster and at lower costs. In this tense context, AMES has some serious assets to give its customers a real competitive edge.


Aerostructure expertise close to its clients

Located in the heart of Middle East, in a Free Zone perfectly connected through immediate proximity of Dubai major ports and airports, AMES is within easy reach from all over Middle East and Indian Peninsula, reducing transportation costs and saving precious days of turnaround time for all airlines in the region. For sizable products such as nacelles or radomes, local repair is a key driver for operational efficiency.


Unique assets to overcome recovery challenges

When the market suffers from supply chain or capacity issues, the access to Safran Nacelles and AFI KLM E&M respective MRO networks gives to AMES many more solutions than any other stand-alone MRO. In addition to our own stocks, we also maintain an advanced OEM stock, which accelerates our repair turnaround time and reduces potential transport issues. To support its growth sustainably, AMES has continuously developed its workforce. With a privileged access to a dynamic employment market and a continuous recruitment policy, the MRO now has more than 50 technicians and highly qualified employees.


Extending its capabilities, AMES becomes the Center of Excellence for the Leap-1A nacelle

AMES keeps developing three distinct product lines: Nacelles, radomes, and Fan Stator Modules (FSM). Its latest product, developed in partnership with AFI KLM E&M and GE, covers the maintenance of Fan Stator Modules for GE90 engines, widely operated in this region. On the A320neo LEAP-1A nacelle, after already four years of experience in repairing all components of that nacelle, from inlet cowl to exhaust, AMES is now going a major step further by becoming a licensed A320neo LEAP-1A nacelle repair station of both its parent companies. AMES has now developed complex repair capabilities, including the replacement of major nacelle structural components (IFS, OFS, Beams,…) through the support of its parent companies. The Joint Venture is also an independent repair provider for Aircraft Radomes. Starting with A320 and 737 radomes, AMES expertise on this product has been highly recognized by operators in the region, and is set to be extended to other types of aircraft.


Built-in agility

Adapting to various situations and customers' needs is in the company's DNA, with its proven capability of assisting on-wing operations, supporting the return in service, the return of leased aircraft and quickly benefiting from the on-site expertise of its parent companies. With AMES, airlines can rely on Safran Nacelles - AFI KLM E&M dual identity: a unique combination of OEM product engineering knowledge and operator-MRO perspective, assuring the most pertinent technical and economic repair solutions for its customers.