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Press release

AFI KLM E&M proud to welcome Air Premia in its 787 Operators Community its 20th customer.

Air Premia, the new airline in Korea, has contracted Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) to provide component support for its Boeing 787 fleet.

AFI KLM E&M is delighted to welcome Air Premia into its community of customers for 787 component maintenance solutions. The new Korean airline has opted for a long-term partnership, and will enjoy access to high-performance services in component repair, logistics and spare parts access through an on-site stock based in Seoul and several worldwide pools.

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Air Premia will benefit of the strong expertise and the extensive footprint of AFI KLM E&M in Asia-Pacific.

This long-term component contract between Air Premia and AFI KLM E&M covers, component repair, spares pool access and logistics for the majority of the part numbers installed on the 10 new aircraft fleet. Moreover, Air Premia becomes the 20th customer to join the AFI KLM E&M 787 Operators Community and will profit from AFI KLM E&M global network and reliable predictive maintenance tool, Prognos®. At the same time, the Airline-MRO confirms its market leadership in the Asia-Pacific region, where it has already established its position as a trusted partner for the airlines in the area.

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“We highly expect AFI KLM E&M's close support based on its expertise in the operational issues faced by airlines. Being backed up by an airline-MRO which also operates the 787 fleet, we strongly believe, they would offer the best guarantee of a smooth operation and sharing of the technical knowledge as well.”

T.J. Choi

Director E&M of Air Premia

“Air Premia is joining our vast community of customers who’ve entrusted AFI KLM E&M with components support for their Boeing 787 fleets. Our group designs adaptive solutions for this high-tech aircraft, based on targeted innovations and in a continuous improvement spirit. Our main goal is to ensure that our maintenance services remain at the forefront of efficiency and reliability.”

Dominik Wiener-Silva

VP Sales Asia-Pacific AFI KLM E&M

“Wherever new-generation aircraft go, new-generation services must follow: thanks to our Prognos® system, we’re able to draw upon the vast wealth of data provided by these highly communicative aircraft in order to make predictive maintenance a reality.”

Ton Dortmans

EVP KLM Engineering & Maintenance

About Air Premia

Air Premia is a unique hybrid airline that presents best-in-class comfortable seats and services at reasonable prices based on an efficient operational structure, keeping fleet and seat configuration simple. It is South Korea's newly-established hybrid air carrier which will fly to South East Asian cities including Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Bangkok, Singapore and later, focus on direct trips from Seoul to Los Angeles and San Jose. The inaugural flight is expected to begin in December 2020. This innovative airline brings its customers’ flight experience to the next level by providing upscale services at a reasonable price. The 35-inch leg room for its economy seat will be the world's largest, comparable to other airlines' economy plus seats. Air Premia's premium economy class offers 42-inch seat pitch with all-inclusive services like regular business classes. Air Premia is introducing the new and the latest Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft for its entire fleet, and customers will be able to fully enjoy the most advanced in-flight experience ever.

About the 787 Operator’s Community

One of the greatest benefits of digital media is its ability to facilitate communications and grow networks across the world, helping users to instantly share and access information. So why should the world of MRO be any different? In 2016, following the inaugural edition of its 787 Operator Experience Conference in Amsterdam, we decided to go one step further and create a full-fledged digital platform to bring 787 operators together. For the 20 operators (including Air France & KLM) who operate these aircraft, the platform is a space to share their best practices and operational experiences, to source information on topics linked to 787 operations and maintenance, and to organize future events and webinars. More importantly, it will focus on operational reporting, engineering, and sharing information about components, which are indicators of reliability - all of which promises to enhance predictive maintenance and other MRO procedures for our customer base.

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