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Automation-assisted Engine Part Repairs

Adaptive innovation to rev up efficiency!

Our aim is to ensure our customers enjoy the lowest possible Total Cost of Engine Ownership; using adaptive automation means we can achieve maximum efficiency when repairing your engine components.

But that’s not all - in addition to increasing productivity in repair operations, automation also enables the repair of parts which previously had to be replaced, thereby creating cost savings and speeding up TATs by avoiding the need for scrapping.

$1.25 million

cost reduction per TCF repair using adaptive robotics


cost reduction for multi-hole combustion chamber repairs using laser drilling


cost of bevel gear shaft repair as opposed to replacement

Working under the MRO Lab program, our engine repair centers have been a hotbed for innovation in terms of using automation to increase the efficiency and application of repairs.

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Whether it’s the groundbreaking Bevel Gear Shaft repair procedure using Electronic Beam Welding technology (eBeam), 5-Axis Machines for turbine frame repair, or additive manufacturing tooling to drive costs down and reduce TATs, we are at the cutting edge of adaptive automation.

Automation and robotics are being used to increase productivity and reliability in several key MRO operations. As examples:

  • Combustion chamber multi-hole repair
  • CFM56 Bevel Gear Shaft FWD Thread Replacement
  • Turbine Center Frame Repairs
  • ...

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Turbine Center Frame GP7200

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