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Multi hole combustion chamber inspections

Machine VISION to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Faced with a time-consuming process that tied up manpower and resources, the CRMA decided that a little innovation was required: the result is a perfect example of the adaptiveness that’s driving the development of modern MRO procedures at AFI KLM E&M.

Working under the MRO Lab innovation program, the CRMA set about finding a way to streamline its inspections of multi-hole combustion chamber liners. These inspections were previously done by hand, with technicians shining a light through the holes to identify blockages – but with up to 20,000 tiny holes to cover, this process was both tedious and prone to unreliability. But what if the process could be automated?


holes inspected in 15 minutes


reduction in inspection times

That’s what the VISION solution is all about – by scanning the chamber liners with LED lights to identify blockages, the new device can complete an inspection in just 15 minutes, before telling the technicians exactly where to find the holes that need to be unblocked.

  • Significant reduction in TATs
  • Reduces human error
  • Generates cost savings
  • Creates a precise, traceable data trail

“By liberating ourselves from operator-led inspections, we gain in TAT as well as in quality and reliability. The machine performs its inspection cycle autonomously, and cannot miss a defect.”

Erwan Guérin

Head of Innovation at CRMA

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Multihole Combustor Automatic Inspection

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