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GSTE by Barfield: Innovative, high-performance and user-friendly solutions

GSTE by Barfield

Innovative, high-performance and user-friendly solutions

A long-established player in the American aviation market, and the AFI KLM E&M group’s standard-bearer across the pond, Barfield deploys multi-product and multi-capability expertise. In the field of Ground Support Test Equipment (GSTE) in particular, the company is constantly innovating in order to offer efficient and accessible solutions capable of addressing the evolving needs of operators.

Having been a supplier of ground testing equipment for the aviation industry for over 75 years, Barfield builds upon its innovation and engineering capabilities in order to continuously enrich and improve its technologies and solutions. Its range of GSTE services is structured around 3 major product lines: fuel quantity testers, turbine temperature testers, and Pilot Static/Air Data system testers.

Ergonomic, user-friendly and time-efficient

In the latter segment, Barfield has set new standards in terms of the ease of use, reliability and efficiency of its latest generation of test sets, namely the DPS1000 and the 1811NG. The former is Barfield’s flagship product in the Air Data segment: fully-automated and compliant with RVSM standards, it allows users to carry out tests and inspections of altimeters and static systems on a broad range of aircraft. The latter, meanwhile, has become the benchmark tester for Pitot Static systems in general aviation, helicopters, UAVs, business aircraft and non-RVSM aircraft.

“Both are designed to offer the most fluid and simple user experience possible,with an ergonomic and intuitive UI making them easier to get to grips with, for an accelerated learning curve. In addition, we’ve developed a functionality with high added value: remote control of testing equipment using a pioneering interface. With the Barfield ADTS application (compatible with iOS and Android), a tablet or smartphone can connect to and control the DPS1000 via Wi-Fi direct. This means that it takes only one operator rather than two to carry out testing, which saves time and frees up production resources. Soon, Barfield will take this concept even further by presenting its simulation application, via which users will be able to experience the testing procedure using the mobile terminal only, without needing the GSTE equipment itself.”

Sebastien Losy

VP GSTE, Distribution & Trading at Barfield


Expanded range of products and services

Barfield products also set new criteria for excellence in automation. After predefining the test settings and launching the execution process, the technician can go off and work on other operations before coming back to check the results. Finally, the DPS1000 and the 1811NG offer the possibility of installing firmware updates via the mobile application, thereby making it easy to ensure that all a customer’s units are constantly being upgraded. Barfield responds to the needs of airlines by providing an expanded portfolio of solutions, applying the same standards of reliability and simplicity as in its previous products. Notable examples include the TT1000A and its upgrade, the TT1200A, dedicated to turbine temperature testing, or the CT12A cable tensiometer, which allows users to perform an entire testing operation with one hand and without the use of conversion tables.

This wide-ranging and dynamic product catalogue is supplemented by Barfield’s various after-sales services: these include customer assistance and extensive repair and calibration capabilities, supported by a network of workshops that will be further developed in the coming months to ensure more accessible services for customer facilities in several countries.