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MRO Americas: maintenance skills in the spotlight

MRO Americas

Maintenance skills in the spotlight

For nearly 10 years, Barfield has been a partner and sponsor of the AMC, which is now inseparable from the annual MRO Americas event. As its name suggests, it is a major aviation maintenance competition, consisting of several challenges proposed by the big names in the industry - including Barfield, as well as, Pratt & Whitney, American Airlines and Michelin.

Showcasing MRO products and know-how

80-90 mixed teams of 5 people (coming from MRO groups, airlines, OEMs, universities...) face each other during the competition, which honors the maintenance professions and the skills of those who contribute every day to the airworthiness and safety of flights. For the sponsors and organizers of the various events, the AMC is also an opportunity to promote state-of-the-art equipment and/or tools, and to allow participants to familiarize themselves with them in a concrete way. For example, Barfield is hosting two challenges: one on its digital inspection solution for testing the aircraft’s Pitot-Static system, the DPS 1000; and the other on the Intermittent Fault Detector (IFD), a product distributed by the company and manufactured by Universal Synaptics.

Spotting young talents

The AMC is the only competition of its kind among the major global MRO tradeshows. For Barfield, a historical and recognized expert in the American maintenance market, it is natural to take an active part in it.

“This is a key event for us in terms of communication and reputation. It allows us to give visibility to our flagship products, and show them to industry experts. And it's also an opportunity to approach future talent, who might be interested in our activities!”

Sébastien Losy

Barfield's Director of GSTE, Distribution & Trading.